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Timber Frames

Timber FrameThe brilliance of a modern day timber frame home, with exposed smoothly planed timbers and ornate truss systems, creates a breathtaking view when you enter one of these homes.

The beauty and superior strength of these massive timbers enables homes to be constructed with towering ceilings and open floor plans without the use of interior load bearing walls.

This allows you, the home owner, complete flexibility to place full or partial walls wherever you desire and maintain the open view of the aesthetically pleasing timber structure.

Living areas flow easily into one another, creating new combinations of kitchen, dining and entertaining possibilities.

Timber FrameOn the outside a timber frame home can be as conventional as your neighbors, incorporating the use of any form of siding and blends well with settings in the city, small town, lake or country. A log home typically blends well in most rural settings.

Step into a modern day timber frame home and you'll experience first hand the splendor of this ancient craft. No matter what the home owner chooses in styles, from formal and elaborate to rustic and cozy, every timber frame imparts a sense of strength, warmth and lasting beauty.

The exposed truss systems, interior wall options and open spaces provide the home owner limitless decorating possibilities with drywall, colors, textures, wood planking and lighting options that a conventional home cannot duplicate.

Why is timber framing a superior choice for home construction?

Timber Frame House

A timber frame adds character and is impressive in scale. The natural wood creates a feeling of warmth and richness that no other material can match.

Well crafted timber homes provide four big advantages: greater energy efficiency, more interior decorating options, outstanding durability, and good stewardship of our world's resources.


Conventional construction uses 2”x6” wood studs every 16” in a wall, filling the spaces between these studs with fiberglass insulation. The result, at least on paper, is a wall with an R20 insulation value but at every wall stud the actual value is just R6. Taken in total a conventionally framed home performs well below its advertised insulation value.

Timber frame homes separate the wood structure from the insulation, so the timbers seen inside your home provide all the support needed for the roof, walls and floors, allowing the wall and roof spaces to be entirely dedicated to unbroken insulation. Using structural insulated panels a 6” wall is a true R24 and a 10” thick roof is R42.


Timber homes can be designed to emphasize open areas or to provide intimate spaces and can even include a combination of both styles. Where “bearing walls” once blocked views, you can now have open sight lines between kitchens, dining spaces, living areas and sun rooms. Both designers and customers find the new possibilities wonderfully freeing.

An added benefit of timber frame is that the use of natural materials, like wood and stone, are soothing to the senses and also create added visual interest. For a generation like ours that grew up in drywall spaces the rich variety found in natural timbers is simply refreshing.

Many of our customers who were first considering a rustic log home find the question of colors and decor to be a pivotal issue when finally choosing their construction method. Combining timber frame with painted drywall, textured and faux finishes create brighter, richer and more cheerful spaces than can be achieved with log interiors or by drywall alone. Finishes for the timber can range from light and clear to rich and dark and everything in between.


Mankind has been building with timbers for thousands of years. There are structures that are several hundred years old still intact and in use today. They are incredibly strong, appreciated for their decorative qualities and are sure to last many generations.

Ecologically Friendly:

Our timbers are selectively harvested from local forests. Unlike 2x4 frames, our timbers do not come from massive clear-cuts, or travel thousands of kilometers to arrive here. Much of our timbers are harvested from man planted plantations where thinning is required.

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