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Log Home Repair & Restoration

Country Log Homes also has many years of experience in log home restorations.

Log Home Repair Services provided by Country Log Homes.

Caulking & Chinking

Log Home Staining
Log Home Blasting & Sanding

Log Home Maintenance

Log Repair & Replacement

Your Home.....Your Investment!  

As with any home, address issues as soon as you notice that maintenance is needed to the exterior of the home. The longer an issue is left untended, the more likely it is to become a larger, more costly problem.

The adage “The best defense is a good offense” is apt in this situation. Annual maintenance and timely repairs will help to keep your log home in sound condition for many years.

Exterior Log And Wood Side House Restoration

Whether your house is a log home or a wood sided home, the appearance of the wood can be rejuvenated. Being able to bring your house’s exterior from a deteriorated state to an attractive and new looking aesthetic will provide years of protection to the wood and protect your house from the elements and possible damage.

We are proud of the reputation for quality restoration services
that Country Log Homes has earn over the years.

We have restored many wood sided houses and log homes
and the results are dramatic and quite stunning.

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Annual Maintenance on Log or Wood Sided Homes

Annual maintenance helps to preserve your log home’s exterior and prevent degradation of the wood from becoming major issue. If issues are dealt with as they occur, a homeowner is able to control costs and the home retains its value. Restoration of a log home can be costly, although is considerably less expensive than rebuilding. Once you have had to go through a restoration, you will want to prevent subsequent restorations!

Cleaning the exterior on an annual basis is critical in allowing you to properly assess the condition of the exterior of the home. The cleaning solution recommended by many stain manufacturing companies is a light bleach and TSP (trisodium phosphate) mixture. Spraying the solution onto the house using a backpack sprayer allows for an even distribution. Once it is sprayed, a gentle brushing (if required) will remove the dust, pollen, spores etc from the wood.

After brushing, a rinsing with a garden hose or very lightly with a pressure washer takes care of the dirt and debris. Once the house is clean, the condition of the stain can properly be assessed. Did the water bead up on the surface of the wood when cleaning? If so, the stain is still viable and good to go for another year. If the stain has faded and water does not bead up - it is time for a maintenance coating of stain.

Ensuring the stain product is applied to a properly prepared and clean surface is vital to the viability and longevity of the protection that the stain gives the wood.

Country Log Homes offers maintenance services for homeowners
who prefer to have this done professionally.

Chinking Services

Chinking is a process of sealing the gaps between the logs in a log home and will stop wind, rain and insects from penetrating your home, possibly causing the logs to rot. In addition, especially when combined with the use of backer rods, it will provide insulation for your home. This will reduce drafts and save money on heating costs.

So what exactly is chinking? Chinking is latex, mortar textured, sealant applied between the logs. It is able to stretch and contract with the natural movement of the logs during the different seasons. Unlike old style chinking, it will not pull away from the logs as they move. This used to cause cracks that allowed bugs and water to get into the logs.

Not only is chinking a practical way of keeping your log home thermally efficient, it can be very aesthetically pleasing. Whether you want to brighten the interior with a light color, outline the logs in a contrasting color, or simply seal the walls with a color that blends in, there are a variety of different colors available to achieve the look that you want. When applied properly it can pay off many times over in the comfort, preservation, and resale value of your home.

One of the most important steps in log home chinking is ensuring that the logs themselves are sound and properly cleaned prior to application. The surface has to be prepared correctly so that the chinking material will adhere to the logs correctly.

Once the logs are prepared, the gaps need to be examined to check the size of the gap. Larger gaps will need foam backer rods put in place before the chinking is applied. The chinking is then applied by using a chinking pump.

This is the Chinking We Most Commonly Use

Log Jam Chinking 

Log Jam Chinking Example

Log Jam Chinking is an acrylic elastic chinking joint sealant. Log Jam Chinking will give your log home the traditional, historic look of mortar chinking. Log Jam Chinking stretches and compresses as logs shrink and swell, up to 100% of its original joint size. Log Jam has excellent memory. That means it can absorb movement over and over again without tearing, pulling away, or looking "Stretched Out."

And, because the majority of the movement log homes experience occurs during the first few years, Log Jam is guaranteed to absorb log movement for 10 years. Log Jam tightly grips to all species of wood (including oily woods like cedar) and most stains. Log Jam Chinking has a 1 hour fire rating and is the only chinking product on the market that is UL approved.

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"Our main log house at the Port Perry Museum was getting so that it was not safe for people go through any more. Six logs were in desperate need of repair, and most of the old cement chinking was falling out. I contacted Country Log and Timber Frame Homes and told them what need to be done. Now our 150 year old cabin is open for business again. Excellent work!"

Craig Belfry

Manager of Culture & Recreation Department of Parks, Recreation, & Culture, Township of Scugog.

Log Home Restoration & Repair Photos

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